Diving Success

LHR Open Water Diving CentreAfter the gloomy article from yesterday concerning the hotelier sector on the Costa Tropical, here’s news on a sector that has done well.

Diving centres in La Herradura and Almuñécar have had a good summer, despite Covid-19, thanks to the optimum weather that this summer has offered and an increase in tourism from Andalucia and Madrid.

Marcos González, better known as Boiche, from the Centro de Buceo Open Water in La Herradura, who has been running his diving school for the last nine years says that national tourism (Spanish tourists) has saved the day – normally much of his trade during the summer has been foreign based.

All the equipment and installations undergo all the extra health and safety measures in force owing to the present pandemic. Once you’re down there beneath the surface, you’re probably in one of the safest environments where the pandemic is concerned, of course.

But that’s just one of the diving centres in the municipality; all of them have the same story to tell; a bumper year.

Buceo Aqualia, Centro de Buceo Marina, Almuñécar Diving Center, Different Scuba Diving (DSS) and the Centro de Buceo Natura are just some of the Costa Tropical diving centres.

All of them have reported an increased number of Spanish tourists although there have been foreign ones, too but a much reduced percentage to normal years. More and more women are joining their subaquatic, male counterparts in this activity: at some schools it’s 60% male and 40% female whilst in others the balance tilts further in favour of males.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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