Maro Parking Rearranged

NRJ Maro BeachThe contradictory urge for beachgoers both to reach the crowded coast yet stay away from large gatherings is pushing them to use less frequented beaches. The trouble is that they’re turning these secluded coves into penguin colonies.

Take the case of Maro, whose beaches until now had escaped massification. It has become so ‘popular’ that they reach their maximum capacity very early in the day.

But the problem is not so much ‘sardines looking for a can to lie in’ but the cars they arrived in. Maro is far from a bulging metropolis so its narrow streets that serve its meagre bundle of houses are a parking nightmare. On the road leading down to the beach there are cars virtually parked all the way up it.

For this reason the Town Hall has decided to change traffic-flow directions and put up a sprinkling of new roadsigns.

Consequently, Calle Nueva and Calle Real have had their one-way traffic change to the opposite direction. Adjustable roadsigns at the entrance to Calle Maravillas, Calle Nueva and the access road to Playa de Maro indicate that when the beach is full, they are restricted to pedestrian traffic only with the exception of residents and ‘authorised traffic;’ i.e., guests at the hotel and boarding houses.’

(News: Maro, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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