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Los Acantillados de Maro Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

There has been yet another fire, this time in Nerja on Los Acantillados next to Playa Burriana, which started around 16.00h on Monday. »

Brit Arrested over Nerja Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

A British Nerja resident has been arrested for being responsible for the fire yesterday on the Cerro de San Isidro (Los Cancharrales). »

Sewage Fraud Trial

By Martin Myall

The present and previous mayors of Nerja will have to appear before the judge over the sewage water being pumped into the sea. »

Progress on Nerja Sewage Plant

By Martin Myall

The Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica has earmarked just over 2,000,000 euros for the completion of the Nerja sewage-treatment plant. »

Swedish Girls Rescued

By Martin Myall

Six Swedish females were rescued by the Guardia Civil along Río Chíllar in Nerja on Sunday morning after their families had reported them missing. »

Playa el Cañuelo Drugs Bust

By Vivienne Hughes

There's been another big drugs bust in Nerja, this time on Playa el Cañuelo, where 38 packages containing a total of 1.2 tonnes of hashish were confiscated. »

Nerja Beach Clean Up

By Vivienne Hughes

Around 50 volunteers went to work on the last Saturday of April, cleaning up Nerja's beaches and under the cliffs. »

Reader’s Letter: Pollution

By Gazette Reader

On a beautiful spring Sunday recently while paddle surfing in the bay of La Herradura I was dismayed to see once again the visible pollution coming from Nerja. »

Body found Floating off Nerja

By Hugh MacArthur

A body was found floating near a beach in Nerja yesterday. The emergency 112 number received a call alerting the police to its presence at 15.25h. »

Nerja’s Sewage Treatment Plant

By Hugh MacArthur

Nerja has been in the news concerning how it disposes of its sewage - straight into the sea, but there is a treatment plant though not finished. »

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