Dúrcal Outbreak

GRA Durcal OutbreakSix people in Dúrcal have given positive readings in a virus test and the point of origin appears to be a local driving school.

The Mayor, Julio Prieto, however, says that the Junta de Andalucía has not confirmed or denied that this is the case. He says that it might be one of the town’s driving schools or any other point in the municipality.

What he does not want, he says, is for people to start pointing the finger and “lynching” local small businesses.

The fact is that one of the said establishments closed their doors on Monday after the Junta told them that several of its students were among those infected. The Mayor says that the school had closed on its own initiative and sense of reponsibility; not because the Junta has forced them to. The Mayor also says that the driving-school owners are angry because people are pointing the finger at them.

In fact, driving, theory classes were also being given in municipal dependencies (with no connection to the said driving school) and one student gave a positive reading, for which reason the Town Hall has closed all its public buildings except the town hall itself, where people are being attended through a hatch.

But the main reason that the Mayor is not particularly happy is that they have had no official word from the Provincial Council about the infection cases and the only way that they have had news of them is from the people infected themselves. In the absence of official information the Town Hall has decided to desinfect the streets and squares.

(News: Durcal, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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