Fast & Furious and Charged

SPN Handbrake Turn AnnieIt was 05.30h one morning last month and 25-year-old L.V.C. was set on burning some rubber on her wild drive along the CL-629.

However, she managed instead to run five people down where the road passes through Las Merindades (Burgos) on Calle Calvo Sotelo.

But L.V.C. was not in the mood for stopping, despite seeing people disappearing over her bonnet, she shot off without even a parting wave.

One of the five pedestians was very badly hurt and was rushed to hospital whilst the other four came off only badly bruised and a fracture or two, thankfully.

The Grupo de Investigación y Análisis (G.I.A.T.) belonging to the Guardia Traffic Department began investigating, interviewing anybody who  had seen or heard anything. Furthermore, they inspected the road surface and found that the driver had been doing handbrake turns and other brusk manoeuvres just before the accident.

The driver ended up walking into the police station on Friday the 24th of July, (the accident occurred during the previous weekend), and turned herself in. It also transpires that the car didn’t belong to her but to the man who had been sitting in the passenger’s seat at the time – she had been demonstrating her driving abilities to him.

Although she was remanded in custody, he was released pending trial, as he faces charges of covering up for her whilst she faces charges of reckless driving, abandoning the scene of an accident, causing bodily injury and failing to provide assistance.

(News: Las Merindades, Burgos, Castilla-Leon)

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