Special Elderly Care

SPN residencia de mayores de Las RozasThe director of a residence for the elderly in Madrid has been arrested for drugging her charges and using their bankcards whilst they were unconscious.

The 49-year-old director reportedy had a helping hand from the in-house doctor, who actually administered the drugs that left the victims not sure what planet they were on.

Taking advantage of their state, the dubious duo extracted money from their victims’ accounts, according to  the police who estimate at around 270,000 euros in total.

The male director faces charges of fraud whilst his female accomplice faces charges of bodily harm and fraud.

The adult child of one of the victim’s suspected that somebody amongst the residency’s staff was helping themselves to his mother’s bank-account balance and reported his suspicions to the police, who opened an investigation.

The drug that the doctor was administrating was high doses of insulin, which provokes drowsiness. In fact, one victim was hospitalised for Hypoglycaemia, also known as low-blood sugar.

The ripping off of those in their care didn’t always stop with the death of the victim it appears because in at least one case they continued to use the victim’s credit card to make purchases.

So far the police have detected another five victims within the residency, three of whom have since died, and even managed to cancel a transfer of 122,000 euros from a victim’s pension fund in time.

(News: Madrid)

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