Infected and on The Loose

GRA On The Loose OnLAt the end of last month just over 100 illegal immigrants reached the Coast of Almería in open boats – all get tested for Covid-19 and then it’s quarantine. The trouble is that the Junta doesn’t have anywhere to put them.

When the boats started arriving on the 25th, the only place that the Junta had on its books was a youth hostel called  Albergue Inturjoven in Víznar, which was quickly converted.

Even if they give negative readings, they have to remain nine days in quarantine, just in case. Well, one of the seven passengers on a patera (open boat) tested positive and he was sent into quarantine but neither he nor his six fellow passengers were keen on the idea, so the infected immigrant escaped.

He was able to give the police the slip because the regional police belonging to the Junta were to be relieved by officers from the Guardia Civil based in Víznar at 22.30h. The Junta police found the hostel locked up with no signs of life so when the Guardia turned up, the officers from both services were standing around outside asking what the hell was going on… it was at that moment when confusion reigned that he slipped off.

All this happened on the day of the shoot out next to the cathedral in Granada, so when the Junta requested help from the Policía Nacional to track down the missing immigrant, there were no police officers available. Great!

La Junta then got onto the City Hall requesting somewhere to put the six remaining immigrants. Fortunately, the Mayor was able to put at their disposition the Paquillo Fernández Sports Hall – this had been where the homeless had been housed during the Lock Down. This was at 23.00h.

Naturally, the sports hall was closed so it had to be opened up and mattresses were found so that the Junta police settled down with the immigrants to pass the night.

Town Hall workers brought breakfast material round but refused to go in, so the police had to go out to fetch it… at that moment, the remaining six hopped it throught emergency exit at the back of the building…

Editorial comment: here’s an idea… as long as the pandemic lasts, anybody picked up trying to cross the Med, gets dropped off in a Moroccan or Algerian port. We live at a time when anybody entering the UK from Spain goes into quarantine, to stop Covid cases entering the country, so isn’t it about time that illegal immigration from North Africa is stopped whilst this situation prevail?

(News: Viznar, Granada, Andalucia)


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