Suspect Behind Four Fires

AND Guardia Civil Investigating FireA woman from Hinojares (Jaén) is under investigation, suspected of being behind four intencional forest fires.

Several forest fires broke out around Hinojares, within the Parque Natural de Cazorla Segura y Las Villas, where important areas of trees and protected flora were destroyed by the flames.

A Guardia Civil forensic team, suspecting foul play, began investigating to discover the person or persons behind them.

The result was the arrest of the 55-year-old woman suspected of starting fires on the 18th, 23rd and 30th of June, as well as the 4th of July.

Editorial comment: until the deliberate destruction of ‘X’ amount of trees is considered equivalent to manslaughter then this will continue to happen. As it is, deliberate fires have caused the deaths of fire fighters and locals unable to escape the flames.

(News: Hinojares, Jaen, Andalucia)

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