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Sierra Nevada’s Wears White

By Martin Myall

If you had viewed the Sierra Nevada webcams yesterday you would have been amazed to see the slopes under a white carpet... in August. »

2017 Worse Forest-Fire Year

By Hugh MacArthur

Andalucia has seen 15,254 hectares of forestland and mountain shrub destroyed by fire so far this year, which is three times higher than last year. »

Woman Arsonist Arrested

By Martin Myall

A woman was allegedly caught red-handed trying to start a forest fire with candles - she stands accused of having caused 15 of the fires that have assailed Galicia this summer. »

Fire Culprits Arrested

By Martin Myall

The forensic department of the regional police, charged with investigating forest fires, has identified the cause of two recent fires in the province. »

Three Mountain Fires Out

By Vivienne Hughes

The Andalusian forest-fighting body, Infoca, has declared the three fires in the provinces that broke out over the weekend as "extinguished." »

100 Fires Blaze

By Hugh MacArthur

The western end of Asturias is being threatened by over 100 different forest fires. The idea that they could be from natural causes is remote, to say the least. »

Tipping Fire Engines

By Vivienne Hughes

The Granada Fire Service is not happy with their new fire trucks, which have a tendency, to roll over. »

Summer Fires So Far

By Vivienne Hughes

Well, the number of forest and mountain brush fires is 85% down on the same period 2012 but even so the devastation is heartbreaking - it always is. »

Squeeze on INFOCA

By Martin Myall

For the last two years, members of the forest fire-fighting brigade (INFOCA) claim, they have had to make do with fewer men, vehicles and materials. »

Figueres & Forest Fires

By Gazette Reader

Fires in the North-West corner of Spain have resulted in two tourists jumping to their deaths from a cliff in an attempt to escape the advancing flames. A reader from nearby Figueres has written in with news from that town. »

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