Flooding in Granada

GRA Flooding in Granada JL20Granada has two fire stations and both were working flat out to pump out tunnels and other flooded areas after a torrential downpour yesterday.

The majority of call outs was for water entering into street-level shops and offices (although they did also rescue a woman’s earrings from a drain) but the road network also suffered, especially the underpass tunnels along Calle Dr. Severo Ochoa before it meets the Gran Vía.

It was not only a case of water falling onto the streets of the capital but also because a river under the GR-4001 burst its banks (Píñar), too.

The majority of problems occurred in the capital as well as Cogollos Vega, Iznalloz, Diezma and other towns on the outskirts of the city.

Probably the most notable incident was an accident on the A-92 near kilometre point 256 where it passes through the municipality of Huétor-Santillán. An articulated lorry jackknifed and skidded off to a halt blocking both eastbound lanes. The driver was attended to on the spot by the amulance crew as his injuries were not serious.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Policía Local de Granada)

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