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Dying for an iPhone?

A 15-year-old German lass nearly lost her life, as well as her iPhone, when it fell down amongst some large boulders. She had been walking along the river bank, where the boulders are to shore up the riverbank. Apparently the girl’s iPhone somehow managed to slip from her pocket or hand (it’s not clear) and…

Drowned US Student

A 22-year-old American student from California was found at the bottom of Madrid’s Rio Manzanares. The lad had been missing a couple of days, with family and friends searching the area after he failed to appear after a night out – one discotheque doorman had turned him away because he claimed he was drunk. The…

Cabra Road Cut

The Jete road was cut twice last month, once by the road being washed away and the other time by a rock slide.