Tractors on Motril Beach

MOT Tractors Repairing Playa Granada‘The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away’ and the same can be said about the sea off Motril, except that it’s doing little ‘giveth’ and plenty of ‘taketh away.’

Yes, each year wave action takes slices of Playa Granada, especially in front of Hotel Robinson, leaving a vertical step in the sand. Each year, the Town Hall asks Costas, “where are the damned breakwaters?” and Costas shrugs or makes a diluted promise.

The fact is, when you build a sod-off dam on a river that used to bring sand to the beaches, then you’re going to have problems at the river mouth end.

In fact, Motril’s dipped out on both scores: one brimming reservoir and no way of getting the water out for irrigation on its farmlands and two beaches playing hide and seek with beachgoers.

Before we had a conservative government the Central Government and a socialist one running the Junta yet now, even though it is the opposite way round, the story remains the same.

The Dirección Provincial de Costas – a group of landlubbers with an allergy to seawater – finally responded to a request made by the Motril Town Hall four months previously, which can be summarised in just two letters… No!

No to parking on Playa de Poniente, despite it being so wide that a camel would die of thirst attempting to cross it, was just one of their multiple negatives given to the proposals put to them.

The fact is that until the provincial office of Costas is brought down to Motril and set up in the Port then these brine-repellent bureaucrats in the far away city of Granada will continue to think that ‘coast’ only means ‘to proceed without propulsion.’

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