Motril Ferries in The Balance

MOT New Port EntranceIt seems that Motril has received another blow from the Central Government, which has excluded it from the list of “Safe Ports” that passenger traffic can use.

Thanks to this decision, made on the 14th of May, ferry companies operating out of Motril Port are rethinking their presence here and are considering moving operations.

Regional Governments have the possibility of adding ports to the list but the Junta claims that owing to “bureaucratic problems” Motril has still not been included.

No explanation as to what the bureaucratic problems were has been given; i.e., at which end they occurred. However, this absence of explanation probably indicates that the problems occurred at the Junta end, as the Regional Government is in PP hands whilst the Central Government is in PSOE ones so laying the blame at the opponents door would have been immediate.

The Junta Delegate for Granada says it requested that Motril be included before the Central Government Delegate in the same city, but the the latter says that it has received no formal request concerning Motril. The use of the term “formal” is probably the crux of the matter.

So, in Andalucía’s case, only Málaga had been cleared for passenger traffic originally but since then Alicante has been added… but not Motril.

So, whilst politicians and bureaucrats fumble the ball, the match is being lost by Motril Port, which has the Town Hall spitting feathers, naturally.

The ferry companies operating between Motril and Melilla, Tánger, Nador and Alhucemas have clearly said that if the port is not declared a Safe Port during what is left of the Lock Down, then they will take their business elsewhere… and won’t be coming back.

We’re talking about a loss of some 180 million a year and 3,000 jobs lost not only in the port but within the province, linked to port traffic

So it is a race to get the Safe-Port classification and the opening of North African ports, which is imminent.

There is no reason that Motril be included because unlike Málaga, for example, it is completely separated from the urban area – Malaga is actually in the city whereas Motril port is several kilometres away from Motril. This separation is a bonus where contagion is concerned. Motril also has a huge amount of spare space that can be put to use for maintaining safety distances, etc – Málaga port does not.

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