Obligatory Mask Use

SPN Obligatory Mask UseThe use of masks will become obligatory when out on the street or within inside spaces where the safety distance of two metres cannot be kept. Until now this obligation has only been in force on public transport.

This decision will be published in the Official National Gazette (B..O.E.) in the next few days, explained the Health Minister, Salvador Illa.

The Minister also announced the dispatch of gloves and surgical masks to all of the countries autonomous regions.

He also said that regional governments will be given the authority to regulate certain measures that come with Phase Two, specifically, the possibility of visiting care homes for the elderly.

With Phase Two the set out timetable for who goes out and when should disappear, however, it will be the decision of regional governments to propose retaining a timetable for the elderly or handicapped.

Also, the number of people permitted at open-air cultural activities will be set by the health departments of the regional governments.

All of the above, with the exception of the wearing of masks when out and their availability concerns Phase Two which Granada and Málaga will enter on the 1st of June or earlier on the 25th of May if the Junta de Andalucía gets its way.

(News: Spain)

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