Not A Good Idea

GRA Calle EchegaryA man fell from three floors up off the facade of a block of flats in Granada – he was trying to get into a flat party.

The 49-year-old man wasn’t exactly gatecrashing a-la-Spiderman but he had just left the party on Calle Echegaray and was on his way home when he realised that he had left his flat keys and mobile at the party.

He lived just 500 metres away from the party and lived with his severely disabled brother. He needed to get back into his flat. He had tried the block-entrance intercom but nobody answered. So he was left with A) a locksmith which was too expensive.  B) If he called the police he would have to explain why he was out that time of the night… so, he decided on C) to try Edmund Hillary mode and begin climbing the facade.

Things were going surprising well until he grabbed hold of a washing line to pull himself up to a balcony, which snapped and he fell to the pavement below. It was a neighbour who heard the thud and the groaning that followed it who phoned the police.

The two officers who turned up found the badly injured victim who was having trouble even to mumble. He was giving off a good whiff of alcohol, though, which probably explains why the fall didn’t kill him – drunks bounce. They called in an ambulance, whose crew patched him up for the journey to the hospital.

Ironically, his flat keys weren’t in the flat where the party had been held but on the flight of steps in his own block of flats – he had dropped them on the way out.

At present he is on hospital on the same ward as the Polish man that was knocked off his bicycle a day ago. Both men are recovering from their injuries.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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