Nerja vs. Campervans

NRJ Camper Van RestrictionsNerja is clamping down again on camper vans having begun a ‘crusade’ a few days ago against this kind of tourist, most of whom have crossed the Pyrenees.

The association for camper-van owners, Plataforma de Autocaravanas Autónoma de España (PACA), has received over 50 complaints from its members after being handed fines by the Nerja Policía Local. The association says that Nerja uses an array of bylaws, which they consider illegal, to discourage this kind of vehicle.

In the last few weeks the Town Hall has erected several noticeboard as a prelude for “the Hunt,” considers the PACA Chairman, Jesús Gallardo.

One of the bylaws included on the noticeboards is Article 71: “In general it is prohibited throughout the municipality, including the beaches, to camp on public land, either by using tents, caravans, trailers (…) including any vehicle that shows signs of being inhabited where parked.”

In the last week the police have issued around 100 fines for the average amount of 50 euros. The Chairman pointed out that camper van owners are law abiding visitors who spend around 60 euros a day during their stay.

The PP-run Town Council, on the other hand, say that the police are acting on complaints received from locals and are therefore merely carrying out their duty.

Finally, the Mayor says that one of his parties electoral pledges was to provide camper-van zones and that he had already entered into talks with private-sector businesses interested in this idea.

Editorial comment: this just seems to be so myopic on the part of the local authorities – they should be grateful for absolutely any tourism this year and probably the next. You can only wonder, sometimes, what planet politicians come from.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: E. Cabezas)

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