Almuñécar Market Movement

ALM Clearing out the MarketSocial medial is alive today concerning activity going on in the Almuñécar municipal market; opinions clash between whether it is being demolished or not.

There was no official word out in the form of press releases so we contacted local PSOE leader, Rocío Palacios and the Councillor for Citizen Safety, Francisco Robles, to find out what was going on.

Sra. Palacios told us that they were working on an official press release that would be released later; a joint statement between the association for the defence of the market with those of the opposition parties.

However, she said that in their opinion the Mayor has used a Municipal Decree for Emergency to go ahead with a forced demolition whilst the country is locked down, thus bringing in a workforce from outside with the accompanying risk of further infection.

In her opinion the Mayor has twisted the Decree to cover this move; the state of the market is not urgent, much less an emergency, she says, adding that such a decree is designed to cover real emergencies, such as a river breaking its banks during a lock down, requiring immediate action.

As mentioned above, we also spoke with the Councillor for Citizen safety who said that demolition work was not being carried out and what is happening today is that they are putting a security fence around the market to avoid a risk of accidents, which is covered by the Municipal Decree.

We expect to receive press release later in the day and hopefully will be able to provide more information.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Almuñécar Día al Día)

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