Police Want Test Kits

SPN Police Want Test KitsThe unions and other associations that represent Spain’s police and armed forces have requested that the Government supply protection kits against Covid 19.

This request comes after the death of the first member of a police force on Wednesday; a 37-year-old without any medical conditions.

There have been many voice amongst their ranks demanding means for protection: “We request of the Government that they categorise us as ‘high-risk personnel’ for the duration of this pandemic,” reads a communiqué from a police union.

The civilian police forces have already requested that the armed forces (Unidad Military de Emergencia) disinfect their police stations. Above all, they want to be supplied with test kits so that they can carry out their labour whilst the crisis lasts.

They are also calling for masks, gloves, disinfectant gels for each and every one of the personnel who are in contact with the general public.

(News: Spain)

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