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Police Want Test Kits

SPN Police Want Test Kits

The unions and other associations that represent Spain’s police and armed forces have requested that the Government supply protection kits against Covid 19.

Granada Protest March


A Huge crowd gathered in central Granada on Sunday the 16th to protest over the state of the capital’s hospitals. According to official figures the crowd numbered 40,000 protestors.

Granada Labour Reform Protest

Some 12,000 people gathered in the centre of Granada on Wednesday 29th February, to protest against labour reforms.
At the head of the marchers were local representatives from many of the unions, including the CCOO and the UGT who sent their leaders in the Granada, Ricardo Flores and Manuela Martinez, who called the reforms, “useless, inefficient and unfair,” a sentiment backed by the United Left and PSOE representatives.

A Benny Roasting

The opposition and the unions have blasted the Mayor over dismissals at the Town Hall.
The PSOE, PP, IU (who rarely agree on anything) and the national workers’ union, the CGT, all consider that the dismissal of 15 town-hall workers (some of whom have been there for 20 years) was carried out for ‘irrational motives.’