The Fining Begins

mot-policia-local-car-onlThe Policía Local in Motril, Almuñécar and Salobreña have handed out 45 fines between them to people who have broken their quarantine

In Motril the figure was 23 people and two establishments, whereas over in Salobreña they knocked up just seven fines. Almuñécar, on the other hand, wrote out 13 fines, three of which were for establishments.

The police found a cafeteria in Motril that was quite happily serving breakfast, despite the restrictions that came into being Saturday night.

The Town Hall in Salobreña had cause to point out that ‘walking the dog’ was not a ‘licence to wander;’ as you are expected to remain close to your place of residence and only for the duration of time that it takes your mutt to do its business. Route marches dragging a gleeful canine are not acceptable.

The fines range between 100 euros and 60,000 euros.

In the meantime, Kebab Estabul donated a box of gloves to the Almuñécar municipal police, whilst the Chinese community there donated masks and disinfectant liquid.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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