The Coast is a Magnet

The Mayor of Salobreña has warned that people are leaving the big cities and heading to the coast to take residence in their holiday homes to weather the health crisis.

Mayor Rufino pointed out that the present situation is not a time to “take a holiday” on the Costa Tropical in order to escape the higher contagion possibilities of large cities like Madrid and even Granada. She said that such mobility was counter to common sense as far as containment goes.

But it is not only Salobreña that is concerned by this out-of-season influx of people from other parts of Spain because other coastal towns are equally concerned.

In fact, the Mayor of Salobreña is also the Delegate for Tourism for the Mancomunidad de la Costa and so spoke in that capacity. She said that she had approached the Delegate for the Central Government in Andalucia, Sandra García, to express her concern, asking her to ‘adopt measures’ to prevent it.

Measures taken in Murcia, for example, have included shutting down the beaches whilst along the coast of Valencia they have taken the symbolic step of delaying the beginning of the tourist season by not providing beach services such as the lifeguards, etc.

Mayor Rufino assures that in the last few days many people have arrived to carry out self-imposed isolation in their second homes in town.

Over in Almuñécar, Mayor Herrera pointed out that it makes little sense to ask residents to stay at  home if more people are arriving from across the country. However, she has called upon these new arrivals to at least stay at home and not go out as if they were on holiday here.

Lastly, in Motril, Mayor Chamorro agrees with her two counterparts that this is not a time for people to move across the country – it is a time for staying put. “We can’t forbid them from coming and occupying their own properties but we can at least call on them to act responsibly,” she said.

GRA Panic Buying 02Editorial comment: Evidence of a large movement of people heading down from Granada to the coast this weekend can be seen in the Mercadona supermarket near Dúrcal, just off the autovía. As supermarkets in the capital have suffered from panic buying, people have been interrupting their journeys to the coast, stopping by to empty this supermarket, too.

Update: Both Almuñécar and Salobreña have now officially closed their beaches.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Cynthia Treggor
    March 14, 2020 at 11:29 am

    In Italy people are not allowed to leave their cities of residence even if they have holiday homes elsewhere..big fines if they’re caught traveling!

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