Town Hall Angers Taxi Sector

MOT Taxi RankTaxi drivers in Motril are not happy over the Town Hall’s decision to increase the number of taxi licences available within the municipality.

Emilio Esteban, who is the Chairman of Radio Taxi Motril; the largest association for this sector, considers this measure to be excessive and disproportionate.

He is also disappointed that they were not consulted before the Town Council put this measure into effect: “We feel powerless when things are imposed,” he lamented.

He explained that although during the summer and on certain dates of the year demand for taxis is higher, it does not make sense to make a general increase in licences just to cover these peaks. What, he asks, are they to do the rest of the year with 15 to 20 unoccupied taxis parked in the taxi rank?

“We propose a different measure whereby taxi drivers from nearby towns can help out when the demand is too high for the existing number of local taxis,” he stated.

Finally, he offered reassurance that they would not be going on strike, because it would cause inconvenience for their customers. “It is not their fault that the Town Hall has done this,” he reasoned.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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