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Butane Goes Up

ALM butano lorry

It’s colder so naturally the price of a butane bottle is going up… by five percent, meaning they will now cost 17.13 euros. No surprises there!

Costa Better?


The hotel figures for the Costa Tropical for August were impressive, followed by a September equally impressive. Are things starting to look up?

Politicians’ Salaries Frozen

The Motril Town Council, in its efforts to achieve ‘budget stability,’ has decided to continue with a policy taken in 2010, which has reportedly saved almost 100,000 euros for the municipal coffers – by not increasing the salaries of the Town-Council members.

Profit Uncovered

According to the Comisión Nacional de la Energía, petroleum companies increased their profit margin thanks to an 8% increase in prices during 2012 despite consumption having fallen to the 1990’s level.

IBI Increase Fixed at 20%

After a month of protests the Salobreña Mayor has announced that the proposed increase to the IBI (local property tax) will be ‘only’ 20&, instead of the originally announced percentage of 40%.

Water and Electricity Should Go Up

he Association of Engineers for Roads, Ports and Canals (ICCP) foresees a 25% increase in the price of domestic water and 30% in domestic electricity. This is not imminent, but ‘necessary,’ the association considers.

At present, the Spanish consumer pays between one and two euros per cubic metre of water, whereas in the rest of Europe the price is between three and seven euros, for which reason, their reports reads, “We must expect a minimum increase of 25%.”

The Association’s Spokesman considers that the ‘undercover subventions’ on the price of water should disappear and that instead there should be a social voucher the same as there is for electricity.

This report is mirrored by one from the OCU (Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios), which considers that the liberalization of the electricity utility sector and the disappearance of the Controlled Tariff for the majority of consumers will provoke a 30% rise in cost for domestic electricity supplies, bringing the average, per-annum, domestic, electricity bill up to 1,000 euros (up from 753 euros).