Dead Dog Revenge

GRA PON Shot DogsSeprona (Guardia Civil Environmental Department) is investing a gamekeeper over the shooting of two dogs in December last year in the Loja area.

As one of the dogs had died on the verge of the A-328 road, it caused an accident when a driver took evasive action so as not to run over it.

It was while the Guardia Civil were investigating the road accident that they came across the body of a second dog, both of which had been shot, so the traffic police handed the case over to their Seprona colleagues.

Their investigations led them to a gamekeeper (guarda) whose task it is to look after a private hunting ground (coto). Knowing that the dogs were not strays, but rather belonged to a nearby cortijo, he allegedly shot them as ‘pests.’

Eyewitnesses saw his car driving away just after the dogs were shot, placing him firmly at the scene and time of the crime

The Guardia Civil have decided to revoke his firearms licence until the crime (animal cruelty) is resolved, judicially.

(News: Loja, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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