Torrenueva Hanging Bridge

MOT Torrenueva Playa La JoyaTorrenueva is flexing its newly independent muscles in tourism with plans to link the main beach with Playa La Joya just around the headland.

The pathway, which should be concluded at the beginning of next year, will be almost a kilometre long and incorporate a 30-metre long, suspended bridge over a 40-metre drop. Such a bridge would cost around 200,000 euros. There will also be an alterntive route so that those that suffer from vertigo can take a less ‘hairy’ route.

The second phase of the project should be completed by Easter this year and has been financed with funds (60,000 euros) from the Plan de Fomento del Empleo Agrario (PFEA).

The footpath has long existed but was semi-abandoned and gobbled up by cliff-top, private houses along its length. Some of the dwellings are in ill repair or even abandoned themselves.

According to the Mayor, Plácido Lara, Torrenueva will be linked from one end to the other with a 9-kilometre route, passing through an urban-area park planted with local species of plants and trees.

(News: Torrenueva, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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