Twice-Hit Bike Shop

GRA Twice Burgled Bike ShopThe bicycle shop, Bull Bikes in Armilla has suffered two break-ins during just one months, costing them 70,000 euros in losses.

The four hooded thieves made off with special glasses, GPS devices as well as bikes during their last burglary, which took place towards the end of last month, and an hour or so before the shop opened – in other words, when it was still dark. On this occasion the equipment stolen was valued at 30,000 euros

The method used to gain access was to knock a hole in the wall from the evangelist church next door, where they had forced a door to gain entry. The CCTV in the bicycle shop recorded the whole operation, which took only minutes

The shop is situated on the San Miguel Trading Estate in Armilla, on Calle Los Pinos in front of the airbase, so it is strange that they chose a time so close to other businesses opening their doors, being a trading estate.

The owners of the shop were surprised to see that the hole the burglars had made was virtually in the same place where they had made one on the 24th of December during the previous burglary. On that occasion it was carried out at a time when the disco next door was going full blast owing to it being Christmas Eve. They left riding the stolen bikes and wearing backpacks with the smaller stolen items inside.

(News: Armilla, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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