Guilty of Illegal Dog Fights

GRA Guilty of Illegal Dog FightsA 23-year-old dog owner has pleaded guilty to charges of using his pit-bull terrier in illegal dog fights.

The dog was discovered in Pullianas on the 27th of November, 2017 with several severe injuries of the type suffered in dog fights. It was thanks to the intervention of the Asociación Rescate Animal de Granada that its life was saved.

The convicted man was handed down a reduced sentence on the 14th of last month for having pleaded guilty, thus avoiding trial. The sentence consists of a 3-month suspended sentence and a prohibition from owning any animal during the next two years.

The Asociación de Rescate Animal took in the dog, called Thor, and paid for veterinary treatment costing 479 euros, which has been repaid by the ex-dog owner. The money had to be handed over immediately to avoid having to serve the sentence behind bars.

The dog came into the hands of the animal association when two young lads brought it to the fund-raising market where the association had a stand.

Finally, the man had been reported on several occasions for having dogs of dangerous breeds with no muzzles whilst walking them in public, which indicates that he had previously had other such animals in his possession at one time or another.

(News: Pulianas, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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