Obligatory Demolitions

MOT Old Houses DemolishedMotril Town Hall is lining up to order the demolition of houses over 50-years old in a ruinous state on Calle San Miguel and Calle Santísimo.

All houses over that age have to go through a sort of ITV, paid for by the owners, to confirm that they are in good condition.

What is happening is that some house owners whose properties are in a ruinous state, don’t bother to go through the time and expense of obtaining a certificate and instead apply directly for a demolition licence.

In other cases, it is impossible to contact the owners – they no longer live in Spain, for example – so the Town Hall has to foot the bill for their demolition, which is the case of the two above-mentioned streets.

But the Town Hall has to find the money first because demolitions cost money – a lot of money. So, they approach banks for loans. But the whole timetable revolves around the state of the house – if it is in a perilous state and a danger for passersby, then they have to move fast. If, on the other hand, it still looks reasonably stable, then it can wait.

But it’s not only a case of an abandoned building being dangerous because they are invariably a source of pest infestation, such as rats, mice and cockroaches.

So how many of them are out there on the streets of Motril… abandoned houses, that is, not rats?

According to the Catastro there are 1,767 building that are over 50 years old. Some are in tip-top shape and others are historic buildings like churches and the town-hall-building itself, for example.

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(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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