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ITV Strike Avoided

By Vivienne Hughes

One of Spain's top labour unions, the UGT FICA-A, called off a strike at the ITV stations all over Andalucía that had been planned for the 8th. »

ITV for Building

By Martin Myall

The Urban Planning Department at the Motril Town Hall has its sights on buildings that are 50-years old or older as they consider them as a possible danger. »

Blood and Bikes

By Hugh MacArthur

If you live in Almuñécar you have two upcoming dates that might concern you: blood donations and ITVs for mopeds. Read on for Gualchos and Albuñol, too. »

Stolen Cars Detected in ITVs

By Martin Myall

So far this year, the Guardia Civil have recovered 15 cars in Granada that had been stolen in othe EU countries and imported into Spain. »

Mayor Responds to Criticism

By Hugh MacArthur

The tug-o-war match between the Salobreña Town Hall and the Policía Local has been around at least a decade, no matter who the Mayor is. »

Tighter ITV Checks

By Hugh MacArthur

New ITV checks have come into being with tighter controls, thanks to the OBD scanner (On-board diagnostics) and stringent emissions checks. »

Tighter ITV Conditions

By Martin Myall

Getting older cars through their ITV inspection is getting more and more difficult because quite frankly, the authorities don't want them on the road. »

ITV for 49CCs in Almuñécar

By Martin Myall

If you have an annoying moped, you have yet another chance to get it through its ITV in Almuñécar; on the 6th of March. »

Moped ITV in Almuñécar

By Hugh MacArthur

The mobile unit for carrying out the ITV inspections on mopeds and 49cc scooters is in Almuñécar today and tomorrow. »

Moped ITV Station in Almuñécar

By David Darby

Just to let all you Almuñécar moped riders know... the mobile ITV station is coming to town again.ALM Mobile ITV »

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