Clean-Up Crew Cleared Off

GRA Prisoners let out to workA convict from the provincial prison in Albolote managed to escape whilst out on a clean-up operation around the Cubillas Reservoir three weeks ago. In other words, instead of clearing up he cleared off.

He was with a team of prisoners who were considered trustworthy enough to be out from behind bars for the morning but when the team had finished, he asked permission to go and have a wee. Result 15 left the prison in the morning and only 14 returned.

The fleet-footed con, who is well known to the police as he has an extensive charge sheet, is known by his nickname, El Cartucho (The Cartridge). He was presently doing time for a driving-related offence but he had been behind bars for quite a while as he had a string of sentences to serve. However,  he only had a few months to go before his release.

So why did he leg it if  he only had a couple of months left to serve? It appears that his girlfriend is on the point of giving birth. The 35-year-old man had worked hard to kick his addiction to drugs these last years, which was why he had been included amongst those trusted for work outside the prison.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, his escape took place three weeks ago, but to date he is still at large.

(News: Albolote, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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