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Rapists Attacked in Prison

By Hugh MacArthur

Three men being held in custody in Murcia since the 18th, accused of gang rape, were set upon by prison inmates. »

Wrong Victim

By Hugh MacArthur

A prison inmate at the Aranjuez Prison stands accused of leaving a fellow prisoner in a vegetative state, after mistaking him for a rapist. »

Horse Killer Released

By Vivienne Hughes

The first person ever to go to jail for cruelty to animals in Spain has been released, a month and a half into his 8-month sentence. »

Prison Sit In Protest

By Martin Myall

Union representatives for the provisional prison of Albolote locked themselves in within their prison office for 24 hours as a protest. »

Suprising Prison Plumbing

By Hugh MacArthur

Judge Del Arco has been investigating whether the provincial prison in Albolote has been dumping untreated sewage into a stream. »

It’s Too Cold Out Here

By David Darby

We all saw just how cold it got in the US last month. 'Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey,' as the old naval saying goes. And for a prison escapee in Kentucky, the thought of a warm prison cell was preferable to freedom in the icy weather outside. »

Double Whammy

By David Darby

The Motril law court has sentenced a resident of Granada to 22 months in prison and ordered him to pay compensation of 749 euros after he left a hotel in Calahonda without paying after staying there for a month. He even made good use of their catering facilities. »

Almuñécar Brit Sentenced on Child Porn Charges

By David Darby

An Almuñécar man of British origin, has been sentenced by Criminal Court One in Motril, to seven months prison for the possession of indecent images of children. »

The Parot Doctrine

By Maria Teresa Velasco

During last year and especially during the last two months Spanish medias have been talking about the doctrina Parot (the Parot doctrine). »

Prison Warden Jailed

By Martin Myall

Prison officer, Miguel Ángel H.P. has been sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment for sexually abusing four female prisoners. The incidents took place in the Soto del Real Prison in Madrid. »

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