Shopping Centre Thief Caught

GRA Nevada Shopping Centre OnLOne man went Christmas shopping in a large shopping centre in Armilla (Granada) after all the shops had closed… and was caught.

The 22-year-old man from Madrid, who has a police record, has been charged with breaking and entering into the said shopping centre in the early hours of the 6th.

Security guards on duty in the shopping centre alerted the Guardia Civil after their CCTV coverage picked  out a man dressed all in black with a red backpack inside the centre trying to break into one of the shops… and it wasn’t a colour blind Santa Claus!

A Guardia Civil patrol was despatched and were met by the security guards to find out where he was. The police then tiptoed up to the uninvited gentleman and said, “Boo! You’re nicked, Son! (but in Spanish). In his backpack they found a crowbar and a collection of large screwdrivers.

After slipping a pair of ‘festive’ handcuffs on him, they inspected the shopping centre and found the forced point of entry and a second shop that showed signs of his handwork.

Since 2006 the Guardia Civil has been working closely with private security companies, exchanging information and designating communication channels on several levels… much to the dismay of those that have a penchant for adjacent property.

(News: Armilla, Granada, Andalucia)



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