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Shopping Centre Thief Caught

By Martin Myall

One man went Christmas shopping in a large shopping centre in Armilla (Granada) after all the shops had closed... and was caught. »

Burglar Caught Red Handed

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Local in Motril trapped a burglar inside a bar that he was in the process of doing over on Wednesday. »

Sports Ground Burglar Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil arrested a repeat offender in Salobreña accused of breaking into the sports facilities last month. »

Burglar Caught in Castell

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Castell de Ferro nabbed a burglar red-handed, attempting to gain access to the buildingwhere the Library and Post Office are. »

Female Burglar Caught

By Hugh MacArthur

A woman has been arrested in Almuñécar for having allegedly carried out burglaries in a hostal and a private residence whilst the owners slept. »

Burglary Fatigue & Earnings Underestimation?

By Martin Myall

Working nights does take it out of you; ask the burglar who fell asleep on the couch of his victim. »

Santa Burglar

By David Darby

Ernest Raney opened up his pawn shop business in Harrison, Arkansas, USA, recently and heard strange sounds coming from his chimney. "I'm still ion disbelief," he explained, "When we came into work, I opened the door up and hear some sounds, I thought maybe something got lodged in the there." He was right… it was... »

Burglars and Footwear

By Martin Myall

There have been two interesting incidents involving burglars whose own footwear has been their undoing. Read on... »

Cat Burglar

By David Darby

The only problem is that this particular cat burglar broke into a Russian prison carrying contraband in the form of mobile phones and chargers… and promptly got caught. Oh yes, and he was also actually a cat! »

Sleepy Burglar

By David Darby

At seven o'clock one morning in Lanjarón, a British resident of the town arrived home to find that his key did not work in the lock of the front door. His suspicions were further aroused when he noticed that two small decorative windows in the door were also broken. »

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