The Batallón Basurista

ECO Tyres on CoastThe Batallón Basurista SNL Sierra Nevada got together ten volunteers, aged between 61 and 13 to clear up dumped tyres in barrancos and on hillsides in Gualchos.

This ecologist group came into being to clear up litter etc in the Sierra Nevada (hence their name) but also dedicate their spare times to carrying out cleaning-up operations further afield, like on this occasion, on the Costa Tropical.

After several hours work, they managed to round up and remove around 70 old tyres, dumped by the lazy and inconsiderate, turning green areas into rubbish dumps.

The Batallón Basurista SNL Sierra Nevada also works in conjunction with Motril fishermen on the Proyecto Ecopuertos; a project that hopes to increase awareness amongst the inhabitants of this province about the need to look after our environment.

Removing tyres, some of which were from lorries, was no easy task because the tyres had rolled down into spots that were difficult to access, thus requiring ropes and tackles to retrieve them. In the two years that this group of conscientious volunteers has existed, they have retrieved over a thousand old tyres that had been dumped.

Both the Salobreña and Castell de Ferro Town Halls have collaborated with them on occasions, because once the tyres have been collected up, they need to be disposed of properly, which was where these two municipal administrations came in.

Their previous operation was in the Sierra de Huétor but the tyres that they collected had to be stored in their own homes for six months as there was nobody willing to take them off their hands. Finally, a garage owner volunteered to take them on and dispose of them through the normal channels that garages use.

Editorial comment: you can either focus on the slobs who dump used tyre down barrancos or you can focus on people like these volunteers. The latter are the ones that deserve the attention, no?

(News: Gualchos, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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