Sports Pavilion Case Sentence

school to be sited nearbyAlmuñécar Town Hall is enjoying a winning streak as far as court cases go; the latest concerns a La Herradura underground car park.

The parking facility in question is the one beneath the sports pavilion in the village, which was finished 13 years ago but never put into operation.

A year ago the provincial law courts sentenced in favour of the Town Hall but the claimant; i.e., the company that was to run the installations, appealed before the regional high court (TSJA). However, the said court has just rejected the appeal so that the original sentence still stands.

The said company attempted to sue the Town Hall for 900,000 euros plus interests, bringing it over the one-million mark but the Town Hall managed to ‘dodge the bullet.’

It’s a long story how this all came about so we recommend that you read our article from September 2018 reporting on the original court sentence and the history behind it by clicking on the link below.

Town Hall Wins Herradura Case

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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