A JCB, ATM, Tractor & Trailer

GRA ATM Ripped Out 02Using ATMs is becoming easier with more operating features available but there are still those that prefer using a JCB to make a withdrawal. For some more than most it sucks when you can’t remember  your pin code, it seems.

Yes, when neighbours first heard the JCB at work, busily yanking out the entire machine, they thought that there had been an earth tremor, but a quick glance outside explained why everything was shaking a little.

This happened on  the last Saturday of December, taking place in a branch of the Caja Rural in Moreda, some 60 kilometres north of the city of Granada.

Not only had the thieves stolen the JCB from the nearby town of Darro, but they had also stolen a tractor and trailer to transport the ATM afterwards. Within moments of having ripped the machine from the wall and secured it on the trailer, they disappeared into the night, bless their cotton socks.

However before they did their Houdini number, they threw broken bricks at the curious neighbours who had come out onto their balconies to see what the hell was happening.

It should also be mentioned that the JBC had had another task previous to extracting the ATM; it was used to knock a wall down to gain access to where the tractor and trailer were parked…

(News: Moreda, Montes de Granada, Andalucia)

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