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A JCB, ATM, Tractor & Trailer

By Martin Myall

Using ATMs is becoming easier with more operating features available but there are still those that prefer using a JCB to make a withdrawal. »

Looking Back: ATM Mugging

By Martin Myall

Much like last month's article from a decade back, La Herradura was going through a rough patch owing to muggings, flashers and a whole range of unsavoury happenings. »

ATM for Paying Taxes

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar Town Hall has come up with a cajero automático (ATM) where you can pay in your municipal tax bills - whoopeeee! »

You’re Being Watched!

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Santa Fe have brought a man from Láchar before the magistrate for fraud after using somebody else's bank card. »

Guilty of Call-Girl Swindling

By Martin Myall

A man has just been sentenced to 2-years' imprisonment by the Málaga Provincial Court for failing to pay a call girl in Salobreña. »

A Friend in Need…

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico-Mogán (Gran Canaria) arrested a man for stealing a female friends credit car and using in a brothel »

ATM Blast Update

By Hugh MacArthur

The explosion that wrecked the ATM in La Herradura in the early hours of Tuesday the 10th was the work of a gang that specialises in this kind of robbery; this is the sixth in the province this month. »

Herradura ATM Blown Up

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil are investigating an attack against an ATM belonging to the BMN bank in La Herradura during the early hours of this morning, the 10th. »

ATM Commissions Climb

By Martin Myall

Since 2008 the amount that banks charge for card users belonging to other banking entities has doubled. Some are now charging over four euros in commission and even a percentage on top. »

Generous Accommodation

By Martin Myall

Two tramps or vagrants were arrested in Albacete, Castilla La Mancha, accused of the misappropriation of 700 euros. »

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