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Pigs at Large

There was such an mount of household items dumped in a square within the residential area of Motril Port (Varadero) that a JCB was needed to remove it.

Dead Horse Dumped

There was a disagreeable discovery up in La Nacla area of Motril when locals came across the body of a dead horse in an advanced state of decay.

Gas Pipe Ruptured

The roadworks on Calle Ancha in Motril has struck another problem, this time it was a fractured gas pipe caused by a JCB (backhoe loader).

Beach Oddity

You expect to find many things on a beach: sand castles, beach umbrellas, and in the water, bathers, fish, sunken excavators…

18 Lorries Torched

In an act that can only be deliberate arson, 18 lorries from the same construction company were burned to charred wrecks. The owners put the loss at around two million euros.