Puntalón Rubbish Complaint

MOT Puntalon Rubbish ComplaintsRubbish has been piling up on the old Puntalón road leading to Carchuna in Motril and apparently it’s been like this for months.

Several people who live along this road say that they have complained to the Motril Town Hall but nothing has been done about it. However, Mayor has since said that the rubbish-collection service would “solve this problem,” whilst at the same time saying that it was not her adminstration’s responsibility in that area of the municipality.

Plastic from greenhouses, plastic bottles and other litter have been blown about by the wind and in some places, choking irrigation channels with it.

Anyway, if the Mayor is to be believed, now that the Three Kings have passed, the area will be tidied up by Town Hall workers on this occasion – who is going to sort it out the next time, is an unanswered question. Perhaps the ELA (semi-independency) of Carchuna.

Editorial comment: if these incidences make the news it is because they are unusual. The same goes for cases of animal cruelty. Thirty or forty years ago it was a different matter, but things have changed very much since then, which is why they make the news nowadays. In other words, if they were everyday occurrences, nobody would consider them newsworthy.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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