Farmers Block Port

MOT Farmers Block PortAround a hundred farmers blocked the main entrance to Motril Port in protest over a lack of control on imported agricultural produce from outside the EU.

The protest took place on the 4th of December organised by one of the farmers’ unions, GOAG, demanding that the Government provides more resources at the Puntos de Inspección Fronterizos (PIFs).

“They can’t get away with looking the other way anymore,” said a union representative, adding, “The laxity shown by Spanish and European politicians is destroying the production structure and social economy within our Mediterranean Arc.”

Spokesman, Andrés Góngora, said that tomato production in the Canary Islands, Alicante and Murcia had already lost their output and that Almería was in danger of going the same way.

According to figures obtained by COAG, the fruit-horticultural importations from Morocco into the EU have increased from 895,727 tonnes in 2009 to 1.3m tonnes in 2018, which represents a large increase. Imports from Egypt increased by 40% during the same period

Consequently, a protest action is also planned for the 13th of this month against the main distribution chains within Spain.

Editorial comment: Two questions: does the COAG ever consider the detrimental impact on British, French and German farms, caused by cheap Spanish fruit & vegetables? Secondly, the reason that the EU agreed to allow Moroccan tomatoes into the European Union was because the Spanish fishing sector was lobbying Brussels to reach a deal in order for Spanish boats to have access to Moroccan fishing grounds. You cannot have your cake and eat it – perhaps the farmers should take up the issue with their compatriot  fishermen?

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucía – Photo: COAG)

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