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Bring on The Farmers!

The General Secretary of the farmers’ union, Asaja, Manuel del Pino, has contacted the provincial authorities offering tractors & crop sprayers to carry out street disinfection.

Bad Day for Granada Visit

GRA Tractor Protest

Today the centre of Granada is going to be a tractorised hell and hundreds of these vehicles descend on the city to take part in a protest.

Farmers Block Port

Around a hundred farmers blocked the main entrance to Motril Port in protest over a lack of control on imported agricultural produce from outside the EU.

Low Crop Prices

It’s amazing the difference between what the big supermarket chains pay farmers for their fresh fruit and veg and the price on the supermarket shelves – and arguably unjust.

Water Protest in Almuñécar

Well over a hundred farmers belonging to the various irrigation associations in Almuñécar turned out to protest in the Town Hall Square. Some sources put the turn out as “several hundred.”

Farmers Abandon Town Hall Protest

A group of Almuñécar farmers staged a sit-in within the Town Hall in protest over a lack of support following massive crop losses. The sit in, which lasted two days, received much support locally, both from political parties as well as locals.

Cucumber Mountain

Anybody that strolled onto the beach at Carchuna would probably have done a double back flip, as we did, when they came across the incredible amount of discarded cucumbers on the beach… but we’re not talking about the odd slice left over from a cucumber sandwich, nor the peelings from a salad, but the 25 million kilos of surplus cucumbers that were dumped in protest.