Where Weapons Go To Die

SPN Destroyed ArmsThe Guardia Civil posts at Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have melted down just over 6,000 weapons.

These weapons were: 3,390 rifles, carbines & shotguns, 775 revolvers & pistols, 189 airguns, 152 starterpistols, 19 cannons and 1,490 non-fire arms (cutting/stabbing weapons).

These weapons had been accumlating in the Weapons & Explosives Armoury at the said police stations and had either been handed in voluntarily (holders of expired firearms licence who did not wish to renew them) or confiscated in the cases of illegal possession or from criminal acivities. They also included all those weapons that had not been bought when they were put up for auction, which is the first step for arms disposal that the Guardia Civil use.

The Guardia Civil have set up a website to make it easier to hand in firearms, should you have any knocking about in your cutlery drawer.

You can use this link for all administrative uses concerning firearms, such as transfers (selling to another user), inspections, firearms licence applications, guide to transporting them, and making an appointment with the Guardia Civil on this subject for more info.

Editorial note: translating the Spanish term  ‘arma blanca;’ i.e., knives, machetes, swords, etc, is quite difficult, even though the term ‘cold weapon’ or ‘white weapon’ does exist in restricted professional circles (forensic medicine to describe type of wounds, for example). We have chosen the term ‘non-firearm/cutting/stabbing weapons.

(News: Tenerife/Las Palmas, Canary Islands)

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