Patrol Car Collision

AXA Patrol Car AccidentA patrol car rushing to the scene of possible domestic violence incident collided with another car, resulting in six people being injured.

This accident occurred around 13.00h last Saturday in the centre of the city of Málaga. Moments before, the emergency number 112 had received a call from a young woman requesting help as an act of domestic violence was unfolding; apparently, her brother was attacking their mother with a knife.

Immediately medical and police units were called out to this conflictive area of he city (Barrio San Andrés). Several Policía Nacional patrol cars were directed to the address.

It was under these circumstance that the patrol car hit another car on a junction on the Avenida Valle Inclán, near the gasolinera.

Ironically, the other police car that reached the address found that it was a false alarm; i.e., the situation had already calmed down and nobody had been injured so that the ambulance was not needed.

In the other car, a Ford Mondeo were four young men between 16 an 25 years old, all of whom were slightly injured, as were the two police officers. Both cars, however, were write-offs.

A total of four ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident to handle the injured occupants of the two cars, taking them all to Hospital Carlos Haya. One police officer, a male, was examined and allowed to go home and the other, a policewoman, had to be hospitalised suffering polytrauma injuries.

One final point, regardless of whose fault the accident was, the driver of the other car had no licence, having lost it owing to previous driving offences.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Malaga, Andalucia)

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