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Speargun Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

A young man managed to shoot himself with his own speargun whilst diving off a Castell de Ferro beach. »

Dangling Head down

By Hugh MacArthur

A man, who was engaged in pruning a tall palm tree lost his grip and was left dangling upside down and had to be rescued. »

Lorry Sheds Trailer

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil de Tráfico had to close the north-bound lanes on the A-44 between the coast and Granada, more or less opposite the Lecrín junction. »

Almuñécar Paragliding Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

A man was injured yesterday in a paragliding accident in Almuñécar in the area known as Loma del Gato. »

Mechanic Crushed by Engine

By Vivienne Hughes

A mechanic died after the engine of a lorry that he was working on fell onto him, crushing him. The accident occurred yesterday in Órgiva where the 55-year-old victim has his garage. »

Ferry Knocks Over Dock Crane

By Vivienne Hughes

There was quite a scare in the Port of Barcelona yesterday when a huge ferry collided with the dock, knocking over a large dockside crane. »

Paraglider Dies in Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

Around 14.00h yesterday afternoon a German paraglider met his death in a flying accident caused by his lines tangling. »

San Sebastian Car Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

Despite the state of the car that had been involved in a car accident near the plaza de la Santa Cruz (Almuñécar), nobody was injured. »

Moped Theft Suspect Caught

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil arrested an 18-year-old man with a criminal record in Almuñécar, suspected of stealing eight moped/scooters/motorbikes. »

Motril Nitric Acid Spill

By Martin Myall

A lorry, carrying 1,000 litres of nitric acid overturned on the port road that leads from the N-340 down past the paper factory. »

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