Who’s to Blame?

LHR MaravillasIn 2006 the then Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides, signed an urban-development deal with two companies to develop Maravillas Norte in La Herradura. Now in 2019, the Town Hall has to find 4m euros following a court decision.

The deal was with Vega S.L. and GRANAMANT S.L. where the Town Hall would carry out an alteration to the Municipal Urban Development Plan (PGOU) that has been in force since 1987.

In exchange for this the two companies would cede 10% of the plot but which the Town Hall would exchange for money; some 2.3m euros. The alterations to the PGOU received their first-stage approval in 2006, but that was as far as it got.

According to Sr. Benavides when the present mayor came to power in 2011 her administration stopped the PGOU modification process which has resulted in the court decision his year for the Town Hall to return the money received from the two companies.

He also claims that in 2014 the two companies sent a letter to the Mayor asking for their money back but she ignored it.

In other words, in the opinion of Sr. Benavides, the reason that the Town Hall now finds itself having to pay out this money is entirely Mayor Trinidad Herrera’s fault.

He added that this financial blow follows the one caused by Sra. Herrera closing the municipal market’s underground car park, which ended up with the leaseholders suing the Town Hall.

These observations from Sr. Benavides follow the accusation made by the Mayor at the beginning of the month that her administration was having to ‘pay the bill’ for Sr. Benavides’s misdealings.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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