Councillor Fined for Slander

A councillor from Arenas del Rey (near the Pantano de Bermejales) has been sentenced to pay 3,500 euros in compensation to a corporal in the Guardia Civil for slander.

It was the unofficial union for the Guardia Civil (AUGC) who brought the case against the councillor, despite the refusal of the provincial Guardia Civil HQ to do so.

The said councillor, belonging to the far-left party, Unidas Podemos, sent a letter to the Guardia Civil HQ in Granada accusing the corporal falsely of  illegal acts to discredit him before his superiors. The Councillor also used a false identity to do so.

The AUGC decided to defend the honour of the corporal considering a “lack of diligence” on the behalf of his superiors, even when the identity of the author of the letter was discovered by the police investigation. The AUGC claim that the HQ initially refused to release the result of the investigation as they were against prosecution procedure.

“The AUGC requests more institutional support and legal defence for the rights of police officers when they are slandered or insulted, so that this kind of accusation does not pass with impunity,” read a press release from the said workers union.

(News: Arenas de Rey, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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