Butane Goes Up

ALM butano lorryIt’s colder so naturally the price of a butane bottle is going up… by five percent, meaning they will now cost 17.13 euros. No surprises there! In other words, its gone up by 81 centimes as it previously cost 16.32 euros.

This increase comes about as the Central Government has devised a new system to calculate the price, which entails revising the price every two months and not every three, as it was before.

Basically the price has been set for liquid, petroleum-based gases sold in bottles (natural gas is priced differently) at 1.11 euros per kilo. That’s before taxes. Taking into account that the domestic butane bottle contains 12.5 kilos, it’s price would be 13.97 euros. Add to that 21% IVA and another special tax that has been in play since January, levied to tackle the accumlated electricity-tariff deficit and you end up with a 17.13 euros… and a headache.

This new maximum price will be valid until the 14th of May. This probably has you scratching your head because you’ve just read that it will be revised every two month. The fact is that yes, it will be revised every second Tuesday of the corresponding month, but it cannot be revised higher that 17.50 until the said month next year. In other words, it can’t go up but it can go down.

One can be forgiven for thinking that they just choose the first figure that comes into their heads, double it, and divide it by their shoe size.

So there you have it, every time you buy a full butane bottle, you are subsidising the money owed by the government to the electricity companies. Enjoy!

Editorial comment: Yes, yes, we know – the whole article is laced with opinion, but nevertheless… Would somebody like to explain how butane bottle – a necessity for cooking and heating, bears 21% IVA? It is a prime necessity; not a luxury, therefore should bear only 4% IVA.

(News: Spain)

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