Illegal Roadkill Burials

GRA RoadkillThe Federación de Defensa Animal belonging to the Province of Málaga, Tidus says that animals have been buried illegally along the A-356.

This animal association claims that between 300 an 500 (roadkill) animals have been buried along this road known as the Carretera del Arco, between Torre del Mar and the municipality of Arcos.

The association says that standing law states all dogs and cats killed on the nation’s roads should be indentified and their owners notified immediately, if the animal has a microchip.

The Chairman of Tidus, Pablo Narváez, says that this process is not being carried out because employees of the company charged with the cleaning and maintenance of the said road admitted that they buried between 300 and 500 animals, amongst them pets, following instructions from higher up in the company.

Sr. Narváez says that he has knowledge that at least two boxer dogs were run over on the night of the 4th of April, near the crossroads that leads to the centre of Vélez-Málaga. “A local phoned us to say that she had seen two dogs that had just been run over and that a road crew from the road-maintenance company were at the scene.” They had been buried and according to the vet working with the association, given the state of rigor mortis, one of them was still alive when buried.

The said association consists of around 20 individual animal-protection associations within the province.

The Málaga provincial administration, when quizzed over the situation pointed out that the road is of regional responsibility and that the provincial authorities had no jurisdiction over it.

Editorial note: I made the stupid mistake that only a foreigner could make; I pointed out to my Otiveño friend, who is an avid hunter, that there was a dead fox on the road and asked whose responsibility it was to remove it. He laughed and replied, “Don’t you worry, it won’t be there tomorrow morning; the boars and badgers won’t leave a trace other than the smudge on the road.”

(News: Vélez-Málaga, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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