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Teacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse

By Vivienne Hughes

A school teacher in Vélez-Málaga has been taken into custody, accused of sexually abusing female pupils at his school. »

Illegal Roadkill Burials

By Martin Myall

The Federación de Defensa Animal belonging to the Province of Málaga, Tidus says that animals have been buried illegally along the A-356. »

Twin Babies Left in Parked Car

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Local in Vélez-Málaga were called in to rescue two babies who had been left in a parked car whilst the mother went shopping. »

Passenger Steals Taxi

By Vivienne Hughes

Francisco José Jiménez has been a taxi driver for 25 years in Vélez-Málaga but this was the first time that he had had one of his taxis stolen. »

Not Inclined To Leave

By Martin Myall

A man in Vélez-Málaga was not happy after being ejected from a nightclub so he attempted reentry without getting out of his car. »

Child Forced to Shoplift

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional arrested a mother on Wednesday in Vélez-Málaga for allegedly forcing her 12-year-old daughter to shoplift in El Ingenio shopping centre. »

Vox Wants Cockfighting Allowed

By Martin Myall

The far-right party, Vox has defended cockfighting for selection and breeding purposes of the andalusian breed Combatiente Español or Jerezano. »

Mother Tries to Drown Baby

By Vivienne Hughes

Two policemen prevented a young mother from harming her baby yesterday afternoon around 17.45h near the Ingenio shopping centre in Vélez-Málaga. »

Arson in Vélez-Málaga

By Hugh MacArthur

Vélez-Málaga has been suffering a bout of vandalism and even arson; the latest incident was when a bar was set alight in the early hours of one morning. »

10-Year-Old Prostituted

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Valladolid handed a 10-year-old girl over into the care of a children's home as they suspected that she was being prostituted. »

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