Walls of Beach Debris

ECO Beaches Strewn with Debris Sep 2019We might not have had much rain over the weekend on the Costa Tropical, but there’ has been in Almería, resulting in our beaches strewn with debris.

Residents of towns from Torrenueva to Mamola and further awoke yesterday morning to find a wall of cane and other vegetation, as well as plastic and all sorts of rubbish, stretching along their beaches.

The Albuñól Town Hall, for instance organised beach clearing immediately because there are still holidaymakers on the beaches.

The debris had been washed along the coast from Almería where rainfall had been very heavy.

The Mayor, María José Sánchez (who is also the Chairwoman of the Mancomunidad) said that they had had to act urgently precisely because there are still beachgoers enjoying their holidays there.

Speaking as the Chairwoman of the Mancomunidad, she pointed out that each town would have to carry out the task and foot the bill themselves because, she says, other administrations say that it is not their responsibility.

La Mamola and Torrenueva will begin beach clearing today because the tide was still bringing in new debris throughout yesterday.

Accompanying this article is a photo by Juan Enrique Gómez, but it does not do justice by itself as to the amount of debris there is, so please follow this link to view the other 23 photos belonging to him on Ideal.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Juan Enrique Gómez)

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